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Additional Products & Services:

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Water & Sewage Connex Boxes

M&M Septic Pumping provides self-contained units that have both water storage tanks as well as wastewater storage tanks.  Each unit comes with built in heaters so your water/wastewater will not freeze in the colder climates.  Units are designed and built at our location to make servicing them quick and easy.  We specialize in supplying units to the oil and gas industry but units may be tailored for your specific needs.  Each unit comes with outside hose bibs manifolded to supply up to 4 lines. Units also come with a grinding pump for your wastewater needs.  Please Note:  Units need a power source to operate heaters, pumps etc.  


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Water & Sewage Tanks

Are you in a remote area where water and sewer services are not available?  No problem!  M&M Septic Pumping will deliver non-potable water to your location and pick up the wastewater.  If you can get the tank to your location, we can most likely service it. 


We also have tanks available for rent if you do not have your own. 


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Handwash Stations

M&M Septic Pumping provides fully functional handwash stations.  These are perfect for fairs, festivals, outdoor weddings, reunions, and large gatherings.  These stations come with a foot pump, soap and paper towels.  Note: Due to freezing issues, these units may not be effective in colder months.


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